Video date whenever you like (any moment)

Once we launch the video dating app, you should get a date within 5 minutes 24/7. This means that you can have a video date whenever you like. When it is convenient in the schedule of your day and when you have time and energy. This also helps your chances of getting a match because your power of attraction will be much higher when you feel happy and energetic.

These are some possible moments in your life or day that you might like to have a video date. Because this 24/7 video dating is new, we give you ideas on when to have a video date here.

When you have a tea or coffee moment for yourself, you can enjoy meeting someone by video date.

After a nice dinner in the evening, with a romantic mood and a glass of wine, have a date to make your evening complete.

Single parents

Single parents are often tired and have very few moments in the day to themselves. However, if your child is sleeping or watching tv and you have good energy, you can have a video date. Even when you are just going for a walk with a stroller. Because the video dates are available 24/7, you can use the few moments that you have. No need to get a babysitter and free up an evening either in person or for a virtual speed dating event.

Single fathers can also see if there is a video date available when the baby is sleeping.

As a single parent, you can let your child say hello to your date. Your date can see your child and your child is involved in the single parents dating process. Make the introduction of your child short and focus back on your date.

We have plans to create a waiting room specifically for single parents so that you can date other single parents. Other themed waiting rooms might be created at a later stage also.

When you have energy and feel happy and confident

One essential advantage of 24/7 availability is that you can have a video date when you feel energetic, happy and in the mood to meet someone. If you signup for a speed dating event, you might have a dab day personally or you might be exhausted from work and your date might not like you.

If you are on a train on your way for example to work, you can have a few video dates.

When you are going out and having fun, you can have a video date.

Note, our guidelines prohibit the use of drugs and being drunk while video dating. You can have a beer or a wine while dating, as long as you still are able to behave correctly.

If you can not sleep at night

We suggest that you turn on some lights before the video date and dress appropriately before entering the waitingroom.

Christmas and holidays

For those people that do not have family or can not visit them, there are video dates available on Christmas. Also on other holidays when there is not much to do, the 24/7 365 video dating server is always available.

Waiting for the bus has never been more fun while having a video date!

For easter, you can also have some video dates. As well as any other holiday of course.

During a break from work

If you have a break at work, get out of the office and have a few video dates. Using earbuds gives you a bit more privacy when you have a video speed date in a public place.

If you work in a suit, you can take off your jacket to look a bit more casual.

If you work from home, you can take a break behind your desk or in your home-office and enjoy a video date.

If you are still in a lockdown or in case there would be new restrictions where you live, you can always safely videodate. Even if the bars and restaurants are closed, you can still meet people by video.

While walking on the street

Or sitting on the street

During a break or cooling down from sporting

If you are bored or just like to meet someone, you can have a video date whenever you like.

Some people get nervous when they are about to go on a speed date. You can start a speed date when your pet, for example a cat or dog, is laying beside you. You will feel calmer and you can show your cat during the date.

Are you having a chill day and relaxing at home? Fantastic moment for a few video dates to meet some new people.

Electric cars need to get charged and you have to wait for it bored or you can have a video speed date!

If you are waiting for a friend, an appointment or if you are driving and need a break…

Note, video dating while driving is dangerous and prohibited in most countries. We strongly recommend you not to date while driving a car or any other vehicle.