Video date from anywhere (any location)

Dating wherever you like means that you can choose any spot where you feel comfortable. This page is full of ideas where you can have a video speed date. It is important to have good speed wifi, 4G+ or 5G mobile internet. Otherwise, your video connection might not work correctly.

Videodate anywhere, inside your house

  • at your desk or home office
  • kitchen table
  • in a comfortable chair
  • in bed
  • on the couch
  • on the floor

Videodate anywhere, outside your house

  • in a hammock
  • on the balcony
  • on the terrace
  • near the pool
  • in the garden

Videodate anywhere, in public places

  • on the beach
  • on vacation
  • while travelling
  • in the car (while parked or waiting)
  • in a cafe

Video dating tip: to have some privacy, you can use earplugs when you video date in a cafe.

  • on a bench
  • in nature with high-speed mobile internet (4G+ or 5G)
  • in the gym
  • walking on the street
  • in the mountains with high-speed mobile internet (4G+ or 5G)
  • in a park
  • beach club
  • camping in a van