Video dating tips and techniques

Video dating is fun, you can be playful on the video chat and meet new people. Hopefully, videodating will make people connect and become more social. Most of the internet and social media are actually making people more lonely and distanced. People hardly talk anymore by phone so video chatting is a great opportunity to meet new people and it is as close as you can get to a real date without meeting a stranger in person.

Using sunglasses during your video date

Although sunglasses can make you look cool, usually the sunglasses do not allow your date to look into your eyes. This is very important to connect and see if there is an attraction between you two. Better take your sunglasses off before the videodate.

If you have sunglasses that allow your date to see your eyes, you can keep them on during your video date.

Maybe unintentionally, you can wear too sexy clothes like a bikini, leggings or your sports outfit. There is a fine line between showing that you are attractive and being too sexy and sending the wrong message.

During your 3-minute video date, try to look at the camera and smile as much as possible without faking it. This helps to create a connection with your date and see if there is an attraction that can lead to a match.

The smile of this man is clearly fake so try to make yours feel real and come from inside.

Dating is about having fun and being playful. You can use a lollypop or strawberries with chocolate to be seductive during your video date. This lady also looks you straight in the eyes while licking her lolly.

Guys and girls with long hair can flirt by playing with their hair while looking at the camera. Tilting the head from left to right is also playful and fun on your video date. When you are video dating, you can place the phone in a holder so that you have your hands free.

Especially if you work remotely or from home, try not to look like you are in a business video meeting.

Using a headset, wearing formal clothes and or looking too serious does not help you to connect with your date. Your date might feel that they are talking to a customer service employee instead of having a fun and playful date.

You can start your speed date with a bit of mystery. Start with your back to the camera and then slowly turn around while looking at your video date. The countdown timer has a special ticking sound in the last 5 seconds so you will know when your date has started.

We advise you not to use large headphones because your date can not see well how you look. Often the built-in microphones do not record the sound of you speaking well.

Have a virtual date-night with a glass of wine and some nice music in the background while video dating.

However, please do NOT make a bad impression. Getting or being drunk or under the influence of drugs while speed dating is also against our guidelines. No chance of getting a match and keeping in touch with your video date when you look like this.