Advantages of 24/7 video speed dating

What is so different about the dating app?

We think that our visitors just want to have a video date as soon as possible without doing much to get one. This is instant gratification meaning that you just want the result right now without having to do a lot for it.

You will immediately know if there is a match after your video date

After your 3 minutes video date, you have 20 seconds to say yes or no to stay in touch. This means that you know if you have a match within 20 seconds after the videodate has ended. You can then immediately exchange any information that you like. Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook however you like to keep in touch and you can connect immediately and keep the momentum and conversation going with your date. If you do not feel like starting a relationship with this match, you can have another video date on our app again.


If you go on a real date, you have no way of knowing for sure that you are safe. Of course, you can meet in a public place, you can tell a friend or family member where you are going and when you will be back in contact. However, nothing is safer than a video date. Nobody can touch you, you can not be robbed of your freedom and you can simply hang up. Ever tried to find the courage to get up in the middle of a date because you were not interested anymore? Although meeting in person allows you to make a physical connection as well, a video date is as close as you can get to a real date, without meeting in person.

You can not be found by others, privacy

If you create a profile on most dating apps, this profile can be found publicly. Our free video dating app does not ask for any information to create a profile. This means that there is no way that other people can find your profile, read about you, and what you are looking for and look at or even copy your photos. That you are on our video dating app cannot be found out by anyone unless you get randomly connected with each other.

Videodating after a relationship breakup

If you break up at 18:00, you can have at least 10 dates before 20:00 on the same day. This is very unique to our knowledge there is no other dating app that can get you so many video dates this fast and whenever you like.

Eliminate fakers and scammers

When you meet by video date, your date later can not say that there is no camera device available or the internet does not work for a video date. This is used by scammers sometimes to get you to pay for internet or a new phone in order to have a video call with your online date. Also avoiding video chats is a tactic often used by catfishers (people who use fake profile photos) to deceive you.

Fast, easy to understand and easy to use

No need to open an account, no need to provide and or verify your email address nor phone number, no need to write about yourself, upload pictures and so on. Click male or female, enter your age, accept the rules and go to the waiting room. Within 2 minutes you are in the cue to get a date.

How does your date live?

You get a glimpse of where your video date is. How they live if they are at home and possibly in what country they live. This also makes it very difficult to use a fake country especially if your date lives in a third-world country. You can see where they are and how they live, otherwise, ask them to show you where they are for 5 seconds during the video chat. This also gives you a much more complete picture of who they are and what their life is like.

Found a match? take a break.

When you have a match during video speed dating, you can stop and directly connect with your date through the information that you just shared. For example, you exchange Facebook ID’s and you connect and can continue to chat via FaceBook Messenger video call. In case the contract does not work out, you can return back to the video dating app and start another video speed date. On any other speed dating event either in person or online, this is not possible.

Do I need to create an account to get a speed date?

No, not at all. However you can get a date with people that are trying to scam you or are interested in sexual video chats, they will not be banned. Also, you can get a date with the same person. Some of these disadvantages will be solved in our premium video dating that will be launched a few months after the free version.

Video date anywhere (any location or location independent)

Online video dating is possible wherever you like, even if you live in the middle of nowhere as long as you have a good internet connection. You might live remotely or far from any city, bar or restaurant. In case you do not have transportation available to you, you can still date by video whenever you like to meet new people.

We have a whole page about where you can video date from:

Bad weather

If you live in a cold climate or there is some bad weather, for example stormy days, you can still have video dates from home.

Advantages compared to swiping dating apps like Tinder and Bumble:

No need to create an account, no need to write about yourself, no need to add any pictures.

No fake profile of scammers that are after your money or identity.

When you talk by video, you can hear your date’s voice. This

Advantages compared to speed dating events in person

You do not have to travel to any location to have a speed date.

There is no specific time and date that you need to reserve to get a speed date.