How our video dating app works

Because our app is very different to all existing apps, we have created this page to explain how it works.

Here is the flowchart of the functionality of our video dating app:

The video dating app is divided into these steps or screens.

Screen 1: The welcome screen

Functionalities are to select the gender, enter your age and give permission to the app to use the camera and the microphone.

You have to select if you are a man or woman and your age within the range of 18 to 99 years old to continue.

You are also prompted (asked) for the camera and microphone permissions. (add screenshot)

You need to activate the checkbox to agree and follow the rules and guidelines.

Then you can enter the waiting-room.

Screen 2: Waiting cue (can be more than 5 minutes time)

This page means that you are on the list to get connected with someone from the opposite sex for a video date. We try to get the waiting time under 5 minutes 24/7.

On this screen, a circle is running around that is generated by the software that finds you a date. As long as the circle is turning, the software is actively looking for a date for you.