FAQ video speed dating app

Do I have to create a profile to start video speed dating?

No, all you need is to enter your age and if you are male or female. Also, no credit card and no email address are required. We do not need your phone number either.

Do I have to pay for a video date?

No, on app.vide0date.com all dates are free. You can also exchange information with your date in case you have a match without any costs. There is no limit to the amounts of free dates that you can have as long as the server can handle the number of requests. If the server is too busy, you can come back after a few hours.

Do I have to create a profile to start video speed dating?

No, all you need is to enter your age and if you are male or female. Also, no credit card and no email address are required.

Do I have to create a profile to start video speed dating?

No, all you need is to enter your age and if you are male or female. Also, no credit card and no email address are required.

Do I have to create a profile to start video speed dating?

No, all you need is to enter your age and if you are male or female. Also, no credit card and no email address are required.

What do I need to do to get a video speed date?

Go to app.vide0date.com and allow the use of the camera and microphone while using the app. We need this in order for you to talk to your date. We need camera permissions for your date to see you. Select male or female and enter your age. Then you click on the button "go to the waiting room". As soon as we found you a date, you will see a timer and your date will start after 30 seconds.

What things do I need for a video date?

The most important is a high-speed and stable internet connection. So that your camera image and audio will work without any interruptions. Second is a good selfie camera either on a mobile phone, a laptop, a tablet or on a computer. For the desktop computer, you can buy an external webcam with a USB connection. Since many people work remotely, you can use the same equipment that you use for a business meeting.

If you like to have a video date in a public place, using in-ear headphones can be a great help. Check where the microphone is in the cord and the sound quality. Windy locations can really disturb the possibility to talk because you hear the wind blowing in the microphone.

How does a normal speed dating event go?

At a normal speed dating event, there are for example 10 ladies sitting at tables. The men all sit down at one table and have a short conversation with the lady. Then after 3 to 5 minutes, a bell goes off and the men all switch to the next table with the next lady. The difficulty for these events is, whether there is something available near you, what age ranges are there, and how many people will signup and actually show up. And because the event is in person, are you free on that specific date and time, in a good mood and with high energy? During an in-person speed dating event, you can get tired after 5 dates and the other 5 will not really have any purpose because you will probably not come across as happy, energetic and attractive.

Why is there a limited time for a video speed date?

The fun part about speed dating in person or online is that you can meet a lot of people fast. The time limit of 3 minutes means that you will have enough time to get a feel for who your date is and if there is a possible spark or chemistry. However, if there is a boring conversation or even an awkward silence, three minutes is not too long. If you really do not wish to have a conversation with your date anymore, you can leave the webpage or refresh it to start a new date. This is of course impossible in a real in-person speed date. Getting up and leaving in the middle of a speed date is not something that most people would do even if the date is horrible. If you have a new date available constantly, you can have about 15 video dates per hour. It takes 30 seconds of preparation time, 3 minutes for the video date itself and 20 seconds to say yes or no to keep in touch.

I am afraid to start a video date with someone unknown, what can I do?
If you want to make changes in your life, you have to try new things. Whenever we are about to try something new like video dating, it is natural that we can experience fear or anxiety.
Some tips, play some calming (meditation) music in the background and go to a calm or favourite place. Keep your pet around if that makes you feel more relaxed. Just give it a try and you will see that it is a lot of fun!!! What do you have to lose?

What means international dating?
International dating means that you can get connected for a video date with anyone of the opposite sex from anywhere in the world. We have chosen to start with this because you will be able to get a video date 24/7 within 5 minutes. One of our main differences from "normal" swiping apps like tinder is that you can get a date 24/7 within 5 minutes of entering the waiting room. International dating helps you to find a date available whenever you are ready to have one.

What means interracial dating?

Interracial dating means that you accept to have a video date and possibly later a relationship or even marriage with a person that is completely different than you.

How do you select who is going to date who?

Our system connects a man with a woman. Who you will date is decided by who is first in the cue without any algorithms or matching criteria.

What is the biggest advantage of video dating?

Meeting someone by a video date is the closest to a real date that you can get without meeting in person. So there is no safety risk, you can hang up any time or just say NO to keep in touch. No need to block someone if you do not like to keep in touch. You can also look your date in the eyes, see their facial expression, their body language and flirt during your video speed date. This helps you to find out is there is chemistry and attraction to continue the dating and possibly start a relationship.

Can I select the age range of my date?

No at this moment in time, you can not. If we have a lot of people available for speed dates in the future, we will consider implementing this function.

What is blind dating? And how does that work in video speed dating?

In normal life, for example, a friend could set up a blind date. Your friend has a colleague that is single and might be compatible with you. You both get a location, date and time and meet each other for the first time there. You have very little to no information about this person before meeting for a date.

This is the same for our 24/7 video speed dating server. You get connected without any algorithm based only on who is first on the waiting list for a speed date. One advantage, you can ask the name of your date, where they live and what they do because you did not have any profile information. Also, you can not forget something important from the profile.

What are the (dis)advantages of blind speed dating?

The disadvantage is that you might have a conversation sometimes that has no chemistry or no attraction. Then you can just have a conversation and say No when it is time to determine if there is a match.

Can you have a virtual relationship?

Yes, but of course, you will miss the physical connection. By video chatting, you can build a romantic relationship that comes close to a real in-person relationship. Many couples that are together for a long time no longer enjoy the physical connection so there is very little difference between a virtual relationship anymore.

I am afraid to start a video date with someone unknown, what can I do?

If you want to make changes in your life, you have to try new things. Whenever we are about to try something new like video dating, it is natural that we can experience fear or anxiety.

Is it possible to have a video date twice with the same person?

Yes, with our free version without an account it is. In the future, we are thinking about creating a paid version where you create an account and we register all dates. Then you can not get connected with the same person twice.

Is it allowed to show nudity or perform sexual actions while on a video date?

No, we do not allow any sexual acts or inappropriate sexual questions. please visit omegle.com or chatroulette.com if you wish to do that. These websites are mostly used by people that encourage you to perform sexual actions. Often they will record you and tryu to get money from you or publish your nude content.

What is allowed on this video dating app?

You can wear some sexy clothes, make a twirl in front of the camera to give your date an impression of your body and find out if there is a physical attraction. You can wink, send an airkiss and make a hearty with your hands. But no nudity or sexual actions are allowed on our video dating app. If you get reported or detected your account will be blocked immediately without any refunds.

Do you record or monitor the video stream during the video date?

No, we do not record nor monitor the video streams of dates. Although prohibited in our terms and conditions, it is possible that your date is recording the video chat. Please think about your behaviour in case your family or friends would get to see the recording of your video chat. When you behave correctly, this eliminates any chances of sextortion. (extorsion because someone has pictures or a video of you performing sexual actions)

Is there an age restriction for vide0date.com?

Yes, the minimum age requirement is 18 years. There is no upper limit so seniors can also use our video dating app to find a potential partner. Once we get a lot of visitors, we will provide the option to just get a speed date with people within a certain age range.

What if I like to have a sexual video chat with my date? (sexting)

Then you can have a normal chat and flirt during our three minutes speed date. After it, if you both say yes to keeping in touch, you have a match and you can exchange contact details. This can be for example FaceBook messenger or Telegram where you can continue with a video chat where you are free to do whatever you like. We do NOT stimulate or allow sexual video dates on our platform. We recommend you to be very careful with sexual video chats because they can be used by scammers for extortion.

Do I have to download an app to start video speed dating?

No, we have a mobile-optimised website that you can use. You do NOT have to download anything, no storage space is needed on your phone. This way updates can also be done quickly, we do not have to develop separate apps for IOS and Android and you can video speed date by computer, laptop and tablet.


Can I do a video speed date in other languages?

At this moment we are launching with English first. We are working on translating the app into Spanish. Possibly more languages will be added later. The Spanish app will connect you with other Spanish speakers for your video speed date.

Can I use the video speed dating app with a computer, laptop or tablet?

Yes, you can, the web-app can be used by mobile phone, computer, laptop and tablet. We have tested with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsof Edge browser. Safari browser (Mac / iPhone) is having some issues still, unfortunately.

How do I know that my sound (speakers or headphones) are working?

As soon as we have found you a match, we start a thirty seconds trimer. It starts with a short alarm sound and has some meditation sound throughout the waiting time. By listening of you can hear the sound, you know if your speakers work. If you have speaker problems, please check the volume of the audio and if the audio to the speakers is not muted somewhere.

How do I know if my camera and microphone are working?

As soon as you enter the waiting room, You can see yourself in the camera. We also have a microphone volume bar. By checking these two, you know that your microphone and camera are working correctly. Dating is already very complicated in the digital era so we do our best to avoid technical issues.

Can I use country or location for getting a speed date?

No, at this moment in time, this is not possible. In a later membership version, this is on our product roadmap.

Can I get connected twice with the same person for a date?

Yes, because we offer the possibility to speed date without any verification or account creation, you can get connected with the same person twice. In our later membership version, we will register all dates in our database and you will not be connected twice to the same person.

I had to wait a long time for my speed date, what can I do?

Link to us, share on social media or like our posts on FaceBook. This way we get more publicity and more dates will become available. You can also tell others about our app to get more users and more dates.

I have a problem using the video dating app. What can be the cause?

We have done extensive testing with various browsers, Ios, Windows and mobile phones. There were some issues using browser extensions like AdBlock, UBlock origin and AutoplayStopper mainly on laptops. Please disable these extensions for the video dating app. If you have problems, try a different browser or device. On your mobile phone, you can also use different browsers.

Why don't you offer gay, lesbian or bi-sexual video chats?

Because the majority of the population is heterosexual and we like to offer a video date within 5 minutes 24/7. The target group is too small to reach this target 24/7. A bisexual person can just use our video dating chat but will be matched with the opposite sex only.