About vide0date.com

Vide0date.com believes that most people on “swiping” dating apps like tinder are wasting their time. Swiping means making a decision in a split second without really looking at the details of the profiles. If there is a match, usually there are no messages at all or the message comes only from one of the two. Then you need to message for several weeks before you feel comfortable to start messaging directly through the exchange of contact information. If it ever comes to a date, the person often is much older and does not look like the pictures of the profile at all or not anymore. Very often during a date based only on texting and sharing pictures, the chemistry is not there. You believed that the person would be very different from what they are in real life. So you lost 4 weeks swiping, and texting if it even comes to a date in person.

How can we change all that? By blindly connecting you with a random person for a 3 minutes video speed date. You can look each other in the eyes, see the smile, body language, and facial expressions and have a normal conversation. You can ask your date’s name, and where they live because you know nothing about each other yet. Our goal is to connect you for a date within 5 minutes of waiting time 24/7.

Although it is possible to connect through the internet, most platforms and social media actually only create more distance and make us lonelier. Hopefully, our video dating app can help people connect during video dates and in relationships.

Our icon

We have merged the V from vide0date with a heart for love and relationships and gave it heads to symbolise two people coming together.

Social purpose

We like to help people find dates and start romantic relationships with our video dating app. Our dating app is also fun in case you feel lonely or bored. Hopefully, a lot of love, marriages and children come out of this initiative.